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Remembering Molidorf<br>Click to enlarge On the way to Molidorf - on the banks thousands of poppies are blooming<br>Click to enlarge Many very large rabbits play in an adjacent field - Molidorf begins at the treeline<br>Click to enlarge A deep moat partially surrounds Molidorf at the edge of the treeline. In many places there is no way to get through<br>Click to enlarge Making the treck into Molidorf - Sorin in the lead, followed by Mark, the women-folk tag along behind<br>Click to enlarge The cross dedicated by the Geml family attached to a tree branch the previous year is still there - much to our surprise<br>Click to enlarge In the middle of the wilderness we find a watering trough... and a very extraordinary apparition<br>Click to enlarge Wild roses in bloom - I can't help but wonder if these used to grow in the garden of a family who once lived here<br>Click to enlarge The grass is quite high & wildflowers in bloom everywhere... especially poppies but the thistle bushes are incredibly huge<br>Click to enlarge The grass is quite high & wildflowers in bloom everywhere... especially poppies but the thistle bushes are incredibly huge<br>Click to enlarge In Molidorf there are many spots like this one which are completely overgrown and simply impenetrable<br>Click to enlarge Near the Molidorf grundloch the ground is still quite swampy due to the recent heavy rains<br>Click to enlarge In the Molidorf wilderness the grass is very high in the open areas and huge thistles are a hazzard<br>Click to enlarge It proved impossible to get through this impenetrable thicket but we are close to where the Geml house # 5 once stood<br>Click to enlarge Sorin & Mark working hard to attach a new cross to the tree trunk to replace the Remsing cross missing from last year<br>Click to enlarge Successfully installed by Mark & Sorin - June 8, 2004: In loving memory of the Remsing Family<br>Click to enlarge On the outskirts of Molidorf we come across a hunting blind evidently still in use<br>Click to enlarge In Molidorf - each hill is a sad reminder of a home that once stood here<br>Click to enlarge In the background is a mound that consists of rubble remaining when the homes were destroyed<br>Click to enlarge In honor of the Geml & Haberkorn Families who once lived in house #5 & #128<br>Click to enlarge We find a broken piece of a headstone from 1930 and see several fragments partially buried in the ground<br>Click to enlarge On the way out of Molidorf stands the Schön Family monument on the side of a field<br>Click to enlarge On the road from Molidorf to Toba we spot this very old & rusty commercial sign<br>Click to enlarge We stamped down the grass to get a better view - it was the only mention of 'Molin' that we saw<br>Click to enlarge

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