Jakob Dippong alter hof pictures - 1980 & 2007

Driving along the road from Nova Crnja toward Toba near Alter Hof<br>Click to enlarge Damaged Schön Family Cross along the flooded path to Molidorf<br>Click to enlarge Along the muddy, flooded raodway entering the Alter Hof property near Molidorf<br>Click to enlarge Entering Alter Hof - To the right are the stables, to the left the administration buildings, kitchens and workshops<br>Click to enlarge Jakob Dippong revists Alter Hof. The property is now abandoned<br>Click to enlarge Alter Hof in der Nähe von Molidorf (Alter Hof on the outskirts of Molidorf), 2007<br>Click to enlarge Alter Hof, former Administration Buildings for the State-owned property in the district, including Molidorf<br>Click to enlarge Room inside one of the Alter Hof ruined buildings<br>Click to enlarge During the camp years these buildings served as housing for young boys from Molidorf, interned here as slave labor<br>Click to enlarge During the camp years, young boys from Molidorf were interned here as slave workers<br>Click to enlarge Former District Administration buildings for State-owned properties in the area<br>Click to enlarge Far back of the Alter Hof property left in ruins among the weeds<br>Click to enlarge

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