Dr. Alfred-Maurice de Zayas
Dr. Kearn Schemm
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POPPY The Forgotten Genocide DVD POPPY

Produced and Directed by Ann Morrison

Memories of a painful secret held for over fifty years are now finally being brought to light. THE FORGOTTEN GENOCIDE: The Expulsion after WWII, is an in-depth, feature length documentary that examines the sufferings put upon Ethnic Germans living behind the Iron Curtain. Through interviews with survivors and examinations of relics of the era, the students of St. Louis Community College-Meramec have preserved the memory of this sad period in human history, and hopefully provide peace to the almost 15 million souls lost.

First-hand accounts are given by unbelievably strong, determinedly positive people as they speak of their experiences. They talk about their lives before the genocide, the armies invading their homes and killing and kidnapping their family, their neighbors, themselves. They described the impossible conditions of their imprisonment-the cold, the starvation, the forced labor, the brutality, and the death. All unexplained, all unjustified.

Though these stories are hard to hear, they should not remain unspoken, and nobody could tell them better than the ones who lived through it. While working on the project, Ann was often met with surprise or confusion when she explained the nature of it, she also found people -in growing amounts- who knew about the tragedy that took place and wanted others to know as well. Ann met with people from all over the country, began communicating with people internationally, and the project grew into the documentary DVD.

The DVD includes an historical overview and commentary by several noted historians.

Presentations given at the Premiere (Click to view):
Dr. Alfred-Maurice de Zayas - The Explusion of the Germans
Dr. Kearn Schemm - The war against German Culture
Wilhelmine Schnichels - Danube Swabians in the American Zone

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