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Peter Lambert, born 1939 Molidorf, house 236<br>Click to enlarge left to right: Marianne Lambert, Theresa Lambert, and my mother Katharina Lambert in 1950<br>Click to enlarge Theresa Lambert, possibly (pg. 235-Fam.#L036) nee Lojal <br>Click to enlarge Katharina Lambert & her brother Peter Lambert at the front gate of their Molidorf house 236<br>Click to enlarge The Erndt and Hoffmann Family<br>Click to enlarge Sisters Marianne Lambert & Katharina Lambert, house 236<br>Click to enlarge 2nd from left is Anna Matje married name Lieblang, from house 23; 4th from the left is Emilia Riesinger (married name), now retired in Florida; Katharina Lambert (far right)<br>Click to enlarge Katharina Lambert in front of the gate in Molidorf house 236<br>Click to enlarge Confirmation by Matz Remsing that John Lambert paid the Serbian State loan which will be sent to the National Treasury.<br>Click to enlarge Document confirming Mr. Sander Pop threshed oats on 08-17-1944<br>Click to enlarge On the other side of the document, signed by George Haberkorn the mayor of Molidorf, oats are not to be delivered as they are diseased.<br>Click to enlarge

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