From Francine Elizabeth Lesch, daughter of Frances (Frank) Lesch:
My grandparents were from Molidorf. Josef Lesch (my grandfather) was killed by the Tito Partisons after being taken prisoner. My grandmother Marianna escaped to Austria and later settled in Iserlohn, Germany. Their oldest daughter, Magdalena (Helen) immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 15, followed by my father two yrs later at the age of 14 and their brother Nicholas then followed two yrs after him. They also had two other children, a girl, Katherina and a boy, Karl both of which died two months apart in 1924. I don’t know the reason but assume it was an influenza that was common at that time. Their only other child Josef (Sepp) born in 1926 also escaped and relocated to Germany after the war. While living in Molidorf, they lived in Hse. #300.
I hope some day to be able to add a cross in the cemetery for the two babies that are buried there.
Photo: Josef Lesh, Marianna (Balzer) Lesch, daughter Magdalena (standing), my father, Frances (left), Nicholas, and Katherina about 3 yrs of age. Photo must have been taken about 1923.