Mary staub (amschlinger) pictures

L-R:  Michael Amschlinger *1933, Gertrude Amschlinger *1914, Jakob Amschlinger *1939, Heli Amchlinger *1944<br>Click to enlarge L-R: Jakob Remsing, Susanna Remsing nee Amschlinger, Ruth Remsing (wife of Franz Remsing), Franz Remsing, Josef Remsing<br>Click to enlarge Siblings Gusti & Mari Amschlinger, Gusti geb. am 5.11.1918, Mari geb. 3.8.1916 in Molidorf / Banat<br>Click to enlarge Back of picture has Serbian stamp & notation: Hans Potje, Molidorf<br>Click to enlarge Back of picture has notation: Jakob Amschlinger geboren am 21. Nov. 1908 gestorben am 28 Jan. 1968 
(in Gaggenau Alois Degler Str. 69)<br>Click to enlarge Jakob Amschlinger * 21.11.1908 & Gertud Nikhasy *1914?
- Possibly Molidorf House # 190<br>Click to enlarge Katie Krist nee Fassbinder & Jakob Fassbinder (siblings) - Rudolf Resatsch Fotograpf, Salzburg, Elisabethstr. 27<br>Click to enlarge L-R: Nikolaus Lafleur, son Mathias, Maria Lafleur nee Müller, Elisabeth Schiratto (standing) - Molidorf House # 135<br>Click to enlarge Maria Flug nee Amschlinger & husband Rudolf Flug - Austria 1951 On back: Euch Lieben als Erinnerung!<br>Click to enlarge Maria Flug nee Amschlinger - On back: Maria Amschlinger Plettenberg, Werdohl, W. Germany<br>Click to enlarge L-R: Maria Flug, Magdalena Hartmann, Mathias Hartmann, Susanna Remsing.<br>Click to enlarge Picture from military 1931-1932 at the end of the war. Lost in Yugoslavia (never heard from again)<br>Click to enlarge Mary Amschlinger in Molidorf 1942 & ??<br>Click to enlarge Jakob Amschlinger *1874, +1947 in Gakowa, married to Susanna Aaron 1879 ,+1939
- House # 276<br>Click to enlarge Michael (Mischko) Amschlinger emigrated to Argentina & his family are still there.<br>Click to enlarge  Michael Amschlinger & his wife Margaretha.<br> Michael Amschlinger in Buenos Aires Argentina Bild v. Jahre 1931.<br>Click to enlarge Elisabeth Potje (nee Bering) with her children Lina and Hans Potje<br>Click to enlarge Mary Amschlinger in the front garden of her parents' House 268 in Molidorf<br>Click to enlarge Jakob Amschlinger born 17 Sept. 1874, died  3 June 1947; Susanna Amschlinger (nee) Aron born 16 Nov. 1874, died on 27 Sept. 1939 in Molidorf.<br>Click to enlarge Mathias Hartmann born 2.8.1902, Magdalena Hartmann nee Amschlinger born 20.04.1907 in Molidorf Banat Yugoslavia, Jakob (son) born 27.5.1928 in Molin<br>Click to enlarge Note on back of photo: You must not think that my hair has been cut as it is only combed like this but in Molin there are even women who have cut their hair (short)<br>Click to enlarge Jakob Amschlinger born 17.Sept. 1874, died  2 June 1947; Susanna Amschlinger (nee) Aron died on 27. Sept. 1939 in Molidorf. Buried in Molidorf<br>Click to enlarge Franz & Franziska Amschlinger nee Lafleur, Molidorf House # 268.<br>Click to enlarge Ferdinand (Fred) & Mary Staub nee Amschlinger, Molidorf House 268<br>Click to enlarge Franziska Amschlinger's Funeral Card<br>Click to enlarge Franziska Amschlinger's Death Notice<br>Click to enlarge Hans LafleurHans Lafleur's Death Notice<br>Click to enlarge Gemeindehaus von Molidorf, Banat / Yugoslawien <br>Click to enlarge Molidorf cemetery, August 1989. Note the white flower stalk in front of the tree; these are still in evidence as of 2008<br>Click to enlarge

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