Branislav Mihaljev's pictures - august, 2010

The Molidorf Monument, erected in July 2008<br>Click to enlarge In spite of a layer of plasic ground cover & an additional layer of gravel added in the summer of 2009<br>Click to enlarge Paths still remain weed-free in some areas<br>Click to enlarge Headstone for Michael & Elisabeth Christoph in the Monument area<br>Click to enlarge Headstone refurbished in 2009 needs to cleaned again.<br>Click to enlarge Ruhet in Frieden: Michael Rebel & Marria Rebel nee (geb.) Zeschan<br>Click to enlarge Remnants of a floral offering from a past visitor remains tied to the bottom of the cross<br>Click to enlarge RIP (Ruhe in Frieden) Elisabetha Potje<br>Click to enlarge Ruhe in Frieden Josef Remsing<br>Click to enlarge Floral wreath placed by the officials from Nova Crnja in 2008 has fallen at the base of the memorial<br>Click to enlarge The Monument area from a distance<br>Click to enlarge Abundant rain fall collects in the pond AKA grundloch<br>Click to enlarge Water level is high this year in the pond AKA Molidorf grundloch<br>Click to enlarge We are deepley indebited to Branislav Mihaljev for sending use his photogrpahs of Molidorf<br>Click to enlarge Erika Mihaljev, wife of the Branislav, approaching the hunting blind<br>Click to enlarge Usually much smaller, a testament to the rain in 2010<br>Click to enlarge Another view of the peaceful Pond<br>Click to enlarge Simply impenetrable... dense brush hides the remains of the former Molidorf cemetery<br>Click to enlarge Erika Mihaljev reading one of the Headstone inscriptions<br>Click to enlarge Aleksandar Mihaljev, brother of Branislav, approaching the Monument<br>Click to enlarge Schön Family Monument recently refurbished stands on the edge of the road leading to Molidorf.<br>Click to enlarge

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