Mile VuĈiĆ (Pfanner descendant) pictures

Michael Ceschan and his wife Magdalena (Tensch)<br>Click to enlarge Frantz Pfanner and his wife Magdalena (Ceschan)<br>Click to enlarge Little girl at back of boat is Magdalena Pfanner and her father Frantz at her right side<br>Click to enlarge My Grandfather Frantz Pfanner, 1926 in Serbian Army - Skoplje<br>Click to enlarge <br>Click to enlarge  Magdalena Pfanner, little girl with glasses in center of photo ~1935<br>Click to enlarge  Michael Ceschan and wife Magdalena holding their hands up<br>Click to enlarge L-R in front – Magdalena Pfanner, Anna Pfanner (grandmother, house #220), Anna Pfanner (cousin, house #213),Anton Pfanner (grandfather, house #220), Frantz Jost (cousin, house #245)<br>Click to enlarge Magdalena Pfanner, 1930<br>Click to enlarge Camp Release Announcment for Magdalena Pfanner<br>See next image for translation<br>Click to enlarge 1948 Camp Release Translated Announcment<br>Click to enlarge Family graveyard at Borča<br>Click to enlarge (L to R) Spouse Svetlana, sons Vojislav and Branislav and me.<br>Click to enlarge Mile Vučić, circa 2012<br>Click to enlarge

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