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Molidorf Catholic Church St. Heinrich - built 1925 - destroyed 1945<br> Click to enlarge No further information available<br>Click to enlarge No further Information available<br>Enlarge No further information is available<br>See Larger Image Molidorf Kindergarden with Elisabeth Bohn & Barbara Schummer<br> Click to Enlarge Molidorf school - Class of 1921 & 1922<br>Click to enlarge Molidorf school - Class of 1926<br>Click to enlarge Martin Haberkorn & Nikolaus Kohl<br>Click to enlarge Karoline Bohn & Josef Neuner<br>Click to enlarge Marianna Tell, Elisabeth Tell, Barbara Gier & Franz Gier<br>Click to enlarge Maria Lafleur & daughter Marianne at the cemetary<br>Click to enlarge Court with Judge Michael Ceschan in front of town hall<br>Click to enlarge Molidorf Mens Choir - with  director Johan Adam (teacher)<br>Click to enlarge After the wedding of Peter Schauss & Anna Groh<br>Click to enlarge Serving in the serbian military - Christof Rager & Franz Dankov<br>Click to enlarge Harvesting with the scythe - in the forground Franz Lieblang;  Johann Lieblang, Marianne Lieblang, Anna Petres & Josef Petres;<br>Click to enlarge Molidorf Soldiers<br>Click to enlarge At the back: Franz Pfanner with daughter, Jakob Bering, Mathias Ceschan, Michael Rebl, & the  Barbier sisters<br>Click to enlarge Threshing Machine with the operators Anton Lieblang, & Alexander Papp in the foreground & the threshing crew<br>Click to enlarge

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