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The photo below is of Barbara Adam with the group of 1st & 2nd grade schoolchildren taken in 1950. The children are identified as LAGERKINDER (Camp Children). The photo appears on page 794 of the Heufeld-Massdorf Book.

The description below the picture reads: "Heufeld & Molidorf: Frau Barbara Adam, Lehrerin, auf dem Bencse Sallasch mit der 1. und 2. Klasse der Lagerkinder 1950." In english: "Heufeld & Molidorf: Mrs. Barbara Adam, teacher, at the Bencse Sallasch with the 1st & 2nd Grade of the camp children 1950."

The interesting questions raised by this photograph include:

  1. Are some of these children orphans remaining after the closing of the camp... or were there still families remaining there in 1950 that had not yet made their escape?
  2. The reference to Bencse Sallasch — Is this the property near the AlterHOF (on the outskirts of Molidorf) being called Wehner Sallasch? Is 'Bencse' an alternate spelling of Bentschek?
  3. Are these children of families who were not allowed to leave until 1953-1955... and then only after paying huge bribes to get their paperwork permitting them to leave Yugoslavia?
  4. Were the parents of these kids still being held in Russia as slave labor?
  5. Were all these children orphans?

If you have any information about Barbara Adam, the children or their families in this photo, please email Anita Pare to help us unravel the mystery.


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