Family Stories


POPPY Molidorf Stories POPPY

The families of Molidorf passed on their history to their children by telling them stories of their experiences and their observations of the world as they knew it. This section of our website is dedicated to the continuation of that tradition.

Personal Stories

poppy The Poppy & Pipatsch Conundrum

poppyMemories of Hussar Niklos

poppyCherished Map in a Frame

poppySchantor The Very 'Special' Horse

poppyGrandmother Marianne Remembers

poppyOma's Secret Wurstmittel (Wurstmitzel)

poppyA Truly 'Rare' Treat

poppyCustoms and Traditions

poppyKathe Remembers the Internment Camp

poppySurviving the Molidorf Camp - John Mueller

poppyMary Remembers the Molidorf Camp

poppyMaria erinnert sich der Molidorf Lager



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