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The Crime Against Humanity
That Goes Unpunished

With practically every account of the inhuman behavior of some warring factions in the Balkans, subservient journalists and newscasters whose jobs are understandably more important to them than truth and balance, invariably draw comparisons between atrocities committed in Bosnia today and those ascribed to the "Nazis" during the Second World War.

Nothing is ever mentioned about one of the greatest mass liquidations committed in Europe in our time, the expulsion, starvation and bestial extermination of Danube Swabians, the indigenous ethnic Germans of Yugoslavia by Tito's uncouth partisans after World War II (1944-1948). Why the silence about this great atrocity? Is it because top Western statesmen gave their tacit approval?

At Yalta Germany's eastern provinces were awarded to the Soviet Union and Poland and the inhabitants were forced to flee for their lives. At Potsdam the victors sanctioned the expulsion of the entire German population of Czechoslovakia and Hungary, 4.2 million people.

All the ancient (300 to 800 years old) German ethno cultural enclaves in Central and Eastern Europe were wiped out. Of the 18 million German people affected by this Allied 'ethnic cleansing", about three million were killed in the process. For the first time in history one people, the Germans lost more of their number in the "peace" that followed a war than during the worst years of the war itself. A whole civilization died and the world is none the wiser!

Perhaps, in the interest of truth, justice and human survival - it is time that all the war and peace crimes be brought to light - bar none!

Frank Schmidt

Article published in the Heimatbote Mach 1993

Reprinted with the author's permission

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