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No trace of it can be found on modern maps and no road sign points in its direction. The church steeple no longer graces the horizon, and the lanes have fallen silent. No children's laughter is drifting on the gentle breeze. No song to ease the work in furrowed fields. Once tidy homes reduced to mounds of rubble, are covered now in weeds and tangled briars, bearing silent witness to a once vibrant village.

Molidorf, once a thriving community, has vanished.
Its people, so proud of their neat homes, their horses and their fertile fields are gone as well. The fallow land has been reclaimed by nature once again. These diligent and gentle people, who held a deep and abiding love for their Banat Heimat and for their Molidorf community, have been scattered as dry leaves in the wind.

Yes ~ Molidorf and all that it once was, all that it meant, all that has taken place here, both good and bad, will live on in our thoughts and in our hearts with joy and sorrow.

Yes, in our memory Molidorf will continue on... All the hearts and souls and spirits of our loved ones...live on, their dreams and their happiness, and also their tragedy...will live on as we:


poppyMolidorf Memorial Monument

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